New Year, New You!

A New Year with the opportunity for a “New You!”  I am not talking about anything changing here but your awareness of  “YOU”. Are you aware of how amazing “YOU” are? It is so easy to find fault with yourself but I have noticed that people find it hard to see how amazing they really are. Go ahead and try to give someone a compliment and see what their reaction is. Now give yourself a compliment and feel your reaction.

What does this have to do with Kabox or Phoenix Martial Arts? A lot, because a big part of both for me, as an instructor, is about getting people to really enjoy what they are becoming. I have the gift of watching children and adults change on a daily basis with each training session. Body, Mind and Spirit change each time you train. When you are done there is a “New You” that emerges.

In this New Year, allow yourself to feel the changes in the “New You!”

Sahgeen and Namaste


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