Martial Arts,Part of your Life!

The Martial Arts offers you a chance to work with the perfect exercise machine, the human body. and if done the right way it can be a moving meditation. The Martial Arts should be a part of your life. It offers so much.

I love this from Masami Tsuruoka as he is talking about Kata but I feel it should apply to both Karate and Life. “Every thing is about feeling.  About feeling in your stomach. About intensity. Without feeling, there is no karate. Without commitment to the motions, there is nothing. People who only learn the mechanics are just exercising, there is no martial art in what they do. It is nothing unless you risk everything–unless the feeling that you might die is present in every motion. For this, there is no shortcuts.”

It has been my lesson to learn that in Life, as in the Dojo, the shortcuts are not worth taking. Martial Arts,a part of my life. Make it a part of yours.

Sahgeen (love and respect) and Namaste!


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  1. My husband has had martial arts as part of his life since he was 18. He attributes the discipline he learned at that age to the success he has achieved now.

    Even my Mother took up Tai Chi when she was 79 years young.

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