The Phoenix Rises Anew

Beautiful CHANGE and evolution have occurred for the Phoenix System.

Phoenix Martial Arts System has joined forces with Kyoshi Stephen F. Douglas Sr. and Sensei Steve Douglas Jr. and we are rocking and rolling with our “Music” and version of the Martial Arts  “Dance” , Our coming out party happened on June 30, 2012 as Sensei Steve was promoted to Nidan in the Phoenix System. And Stephen and I were promoted to 7th and 6th degree Black Belts respectively  by Shidoshi Ron Van Clief of Chinese Goju Ryu. It was a wonderful day not only for the cherished promotions, but for the fact we had a chance to train with Family and  the PMAS “Family” grew as well. Present for this day were Mr. Tom LeBrun of Knight Hawk Security and LeBrun Self Defense System, Master John Borter of the Modern Self Defense Academy. And we were joined by Martial Artists from New Hampshire , Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Sensei Bob Walstrom of Zujitsu Ryu , James Burkett and James Kite of Chinese Guju and Kelly Shea, a Nidan in Tae Kwon Do. From Vermont we had Master Karen Davoren , founder and chief instructor of Makoto Ryu Dojo and her student Kyle Wyman. And from the Phoenix Family we had Betsy Hurley, The Merrow Family, Yana Scelsi, Sean Bottomms and Tristan Goodman.

All of this was made possible  by a past connection with Shidoshi Van Clief  that Kyoshi Douglas had. We are now members of Shidoshi’s Martial Arts Family. I am also proud to call him Friend. And I am grateful for the Martial Knowledge that he shared that day as he conducted a Defensive Tactics Seminar.

Phoenix Martial Arts System emerged from this weekend shining a little brighter and it was affirmed that it is on the correct Path in its mission to bring traditional Martial/Warrior values to a modern World.

Domo Arigato Shidoshi Ron Van Clief for your recognition of Kyoshi and myself. And thank you Kyoshi for being the Man that you are. Thank you to all that participated. You are valued and loved!

BTW Shidoshi has written a book called The Hanged Man. It is about his life and experiences. It is available at and Kindle. And there are three documentaries coming out here in 2012 featuring him. One debuted in N.Y. while Shidoshi was on tour. Visit his website at for more info.

Until next time I remain Yours in the True Spirit of the Martial Arts.



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