I started on this Martial Arts path in childhood when my father would playfully do a wrist lock or two on me. He had learned these techniques in the service and had retained them. I was fascinated right away because I instinctively knew that these techniques had a place in my life. As time went on I would meet various individuals who would show me something from a Martial Art that they studied. My most intensive training happened at sports camps where I worked at over the course of two summers. There was a gentleman at these camps who taught Judo. We became friends and he offered to teach me judo so that he would have someone to practice with and I fell in love with this Art.

In 1980 I had the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a Martial Artist with a little more focus. I started training in Shorin Ryu Karate with Sensei Richard Marallo. I have had the honor of attaining the rank of Go-Dan in Sensei Marallo’s  Koro Ken Karatedo system. Mr. Marallo’s system is an “eclectic style which incorporates Karate in its most pristine form clearly seen in the forms that develop in the point and circle.”

Through an association with Dr. Thomas LeBrun, owner of Night Hawk Security and head instructor of the LeBrun Art of Defense, I’ve had the opportunity to both learn and work in the profession of executive protection.   In my training with Mr. LeBrun, we worked on various fighting techniques from empty-hand and weapons retention techniques against knives and guns to Filipino fighting stick techniques.   Mr.LeBrun has inducted me into the U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is under the directorship of Soke John Kanzler. As an inductee of the Hall of Fame I am also a member of  Mr. Kanzler’s Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association Inc. and I serve on their Executive Advisory Committee.

In the mid 1990s, I wanted a way to share the toning and strength building benefits of Martial Arts with more people so I developed KABOXERCISE (KABOX) – a prgram that combines traditional karate moves with the cardio and strength exercises found in boxing. I began teaching my  KABOX program in the Manchester area in 1995 to both Martial Artists and fitness enthusiasts. It was a hit. In November of 2008 I was asked by the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association, Inc. to teach a KABOX seminar at its Annual U. S. A. International Black Belt Hall Of Fame Induction weekend.

Over the past 30 plus years of Martial Arts study and teaching I have had the opportunity to train with and meet some amazing  Martial Artists. I have been blessed by the Martial Arts gods to be able to teach some wonderful students and work with non-martial artist in the area of fitness by teaching the Kabox class.

This past year my life took a turn that has led me to a renewed love of the Arts. As a result of this I have developed The Phoenix Martial Arts System and have intensified my dedication to improving Martial Artists and fitness enthusiasts total body conditioning with the Kabox classes. It is with this renewed energy that I welcome you on the sharing of this path that will lead us to total Body, Mind and Spirit development.

I am pleased to announce that I am again working on the Board for the Center for Restorative Justice of Bennington County, for more information on this organization you can go to their website @  http://www.bcrj.org/ .  I am also happy to announce that I will be working with Sally Gibney of the “You Are Never Alone Foundation” and for more information or if you would like to become involved, you can visit her site @ http://youareneveralonefoundation.org/ .   I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to The Vermont Country Store for giving me the opportunity to work & train with their staff as well as the public and giving me a honorary position on their Wellness Committee.



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