One needs an atmosphere of affection and understanding where one practices Karate. Too often the atmosphere is fear and ignorance. –Terrence Webster-Doyle

PHOENIX  MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM is a constantly evolving Martial Art. It is grounded in the strong basic techniques (kehons) that have been used to develop the body, mind and spirit  for thousands of years. These traditional Martial Arts kehons evolve into modern day practical self defense applications that are effective in any situation.

You, the karateka (student), are encouraged to maintain beginners mind no matter what your level of experience is with the Martial Arts. This allows you to approach each workout as if you are the Phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes for the very first time, every time.  Each workout will allow you to feel as if you are “reborn”  and refreshed.

It is not my intention to reinvent the wheel but instead to encourage each karateka to be what I call a Universal Martial Artist, one who has a strong base but is open to learning as much as possible. We are individuals and even though we are learning the same techniques, we may have to adapt and modify these techniques in practical application to have them work for us as individuals.

I feel that the most important obligation that I have as your Sensei is to emphasize the character-building aspects of the Martial Arts.  We will borrow from Sifu Kate Hobbs’  Warrior’s Code, which is “a list of characteristics that she feels describes the true martial artist.”  These characteristics are as follows:

Love: A warrior is skilled in body and kind in heart.

Respect: A warrior respects herself or himself and all living things.

Care: A warrior believes that caring for herself or himself means caring for our world.

Responsibility: A warrior takes responsibility for his or her actions and makes a superior effort in all situations.

Honor: A warrior uses fighting skills honorably, only to protect herself or himself and loved ones.  A warrior never raises his or her fists in anger.

Peace: A true warrior lives by this code and firmly believes that the greatest warrior is the one who stands for peace.

Ready to begin or extend your training? Dojo hours are listed here. I am glad to answer any questions you might have, get in touch.


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